Non explosive destruction of reinforced concrete structures

Non explosive method of destruction of brick, concrete, reinforced concrete and other building constructions, and also natural or technogenetic bulks.

When we carry out construction works connected with reconstruction or technical modernization of production, it often occurs a necessity  to destroy the old brick, concrete, reinforced concrete or any other constructions, and also natural or technogenetic bulks.

There are some known solutions:

         ► Drilling and blasting works.

         ► Mechanical destruction with use of special building cars and mechanisms (pneumatic and hydraulic hammers, jackhammers, pneumatic hammers, etc.)

         ► Use of not explosive destroying powders and grouts (non-explosive expansive grout).

Let's analyze the given methods from the point of convenience and profitability:

         ► Organization and maintenance of drilling and blasting  works are very complicated due to safety precautions, especially in municipal and industrial areas,  and require  additional expenses connected with maintenance of safety.

         ► Mechanical destruction require a long term of works realization, and has such harmful factors as noise and vibration. People, who now live at Mironova street in Dnepropetrovsk,  had a lot of annoyances because of building operations of apartment house of SPA"Sozidatel" with a use of  hydraulic and pneumatic hammers. 

         ► From this point of view method of not explosive destroying powders and grouts seems to be more safe and convenient, but economically disadvantageous due to materials expensiveness

Thus, none of the listed methods is  perfect and has essential drawbacks.

 Is there any method in the market of building services which allows  to combine convenience and economy optimally?

 We answer Yes! It is a method of brick, concrete, reinforced concrete and other building destruction, and also natural or technogenic bulks with application of hydropower devices (GPD). . The method comprises drilling of a certain number of holes of small diameter in the constructions, which are later filled with hydraulic-power tools under pressure necessary for their destruction.

► We have discovered such advantages of the given method, as:

  • Use of small-sized and non-energy intensive equipment gives a possibility to work in cramped conditions as well as energy resources savings. There is no need to use the large-size and expensive equipment.
  • Safe production of works and  absence of additional safety precautions that considerably reduces costs
  • Independence from energy source,  that allows to work in any place.

The given method was repeatedly used in destruction of brick, concrete, reinforced  concrete and other building constructions and  completely proved its effectiveness.

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