Vibroloosening installation in port

Vibration installation is intended for the mechanized unloading of adfreezed loose cargoes(coal, rubble, pellets, etc.), by preliminary vibration loosening the aggregated material in the railroad car. Under vibration and weight of vibration loosening tool, loosening pins intrude into adfreezed material and pierce it, breaking solidity. Lateral vibration of pins additionally loosens material, destroying its durability and preventing pins from blocking.

Installation is composed of 3 vibroloosening modules, which supporting structure is a metal set of shelves of 5.3 m wide, 12 m long and 12 m high, and which is located above the railways, taking into account that train can pass freely through the installation.  There is an operational ceiling inside shelves on which three winches are placed with lift capacity up to 5000 tons. Vertical lifting of vibroloosening modules is operated by winches and lowering happens under its own weight and vibration. Width of loosening of each module is up to 2.2 m wide and up to 3 m long.

The setting can be produced as 3-modular, 2-module, 1-module system. The effectiveness of discharge is the same but productivity decreases.

Dimensions: height is 12.15 m,

                         length is 10 m,

                         width is 5.3 m,

                                                   width with overhanging part is 7.5 m,

                                                   width with operator's cab is 10 m.

The achieved productivity in “Uzhniy” port comprised 6,000 cars per month during the cold winter of 2002-2003. In winter of 2004-2005 we obtained even better results.

One run of module in practice is carried out for 2-3 minutes, depending on the type of coal, humidity and level of freezing.


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