Crane trestles and crane beams, Dnipropetrovsk

Manufacture and installation of crane trestles, crane runway and crane beams, as well as assembling of foundations for the equipment and heat saving tambour, while reconstructing LIS workshop into workshop, intended for wheel sets repairing of PLC NPK «Dneprospecmash».

Constructional characteristics:
  • Base is a subsidence ground;
  • Foundations of crane trestles consist of combined monolithic reinforced concrete foundations of T-shaped type with strip foundations on the compacted soil cushion;
  • Retaining walls are monolithic reinforced concrete walls with coating hydro insulation;
  • Foundations for equipment are single concrete reinforced foundations for machine tool equipment in accordance with requirements of equipment producers;
  • Partition of heat saving tambour is 130 m2 and consists of metal frame and “sandwich” panel prefabricated thickness of 100 mm;
  • Floors are reinforced concrete floors with preliminary estimated load on the compacted slag foundation  and with lining of rail tracks;
  • Crane trestles and crane runways are separate metal constructions of 108 tons.
There are fulfilled:
  • Development  of drawings of metal construction details (KMD) ;
  • Preparation for foundations, including the replacement and compaction of soil, and assembling slag foundation under the reinforced concrete floor with leveling;
  • Assembling of reinforced concrete foundations and retaining walls of crane trestles with waterproofing;
  • Assembling of foundations for machine-tool equipment;
  • Assembling of concrete floors with the lining railway tracks;
  • Manufacturing and installation of metal constructions of crane trestles, crane runways, frame of heat saving tambour’s partition;
  • Installation of crane beams (7 pieces);
  • Installation of partition’s enclosuring structures of heat saving tambour.
The general term of works execution is 2 months.





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