Project work of the shopping center in Mykolayiv

The development of project of the shopping center on Lenina av. in Mykolayiv

Objectives, solved during the project:
  • Construction of a modern shopping center on the main street in Mykolayiv;
  • Reception of additional source of income by leasing the selling space
  • Effective investment of customer free funds in object, which investment attractiveness and value are to continue growing due to favorable location and correctly selected functional purpose.
Constructional features:
  • Foundations are single monolithic concrete T-shaped foundations, constructed for the columns;
  • Framework consist of metal structures;
  • Ceilings are monolithic reinforced concrete;
  • Walls consist of facade wall, made from aerocrete blocks, lined with the front trays of composite materials with further heat insulation and facade glazing.
  • Roof are constructed from prefabricated “sandwich” panels;
It is completed:
  • The project and working documentation.
The general term of designing and foundation fastening is 2 months.

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