Trade service center


Trade service center  "Autoland" in Kherson with the total area of  600 m2 consists of:

  • shopping center;
  • tire services;
  • tunnel  and manual washes;
  • warehouse.

Constructional features:

  • foundation is monolithic reinforced concrete plate with the channels for the engineering networks and communications;
  • walls and roof are made from metal frame with enclosure structures of prefabricated “sandwich” panels;
  • equipment differs tunnel and manual washes, machine for water recovering and a set of equipment for the tire fitting;

The general term of constructions manufacturing and building as a  turnkey project is 5 months.


Private enterprise firm "MLAD"
49024, Dnepropetrovsk,
Universalna st., 10
tel. +38 (056) 370-59-87
tel.\ fax. +38 (056) 370-59-86