The warehouse of tm


The raw material warehouse of the polycarbonate sheets plant TM "STRONEX" (24m x 30m, 9 m height).


  • Base is subsidence ground of the second group subsidence proneness;
  • Foundations are single monolithic concrete foundations on the compacted soil cushion (made a point replacement of soil);
  • Walls and roof consist of metal frame with enclosures, made from profiled sheet and polycarbonate;
  • Floors are reinforced concrete floors with preliminary estimated load on the compacted slag foundation  

It is completed:

  • Elaboration of the project work;
  • Preparation for foundations, including the replacement and compaction of soil, and assembling slag foundation under the reinforced concrete floor
  • Assembling of reinforced concrete foundations with hydro insulation;
  • Assembling of the reinforced concrete floor and socle;
  • manufacturing and installation of metal frame and timber framing for further installation of enclosure structure of walls and roof;
  • Assembling of the enclosure constructions of the roof.
The general term of designing, manufacturing of constructions and constructing is 4 months.



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