Water tower by Rozhnovsky system for DTEC Pavlogradugol


Water tower system by rozhnovsky system volume 50 m3 for mine «Ternovskaya» mine office «Pavlogradskoe» DTEK Pavlogradugol»

Design features:

  • Base - subsiding soils;
  • Foundations - single monolithic reinforced concrete foundations on compacted slag pillow (made local replacement of soil);
  • Tower water fieled pillar of the total height of 18,5m insulated mineral wool insulation thickness 100 mm with the use of steam - and waterproofing with a shell shaped sheet.


  • Geological engineering survey of soil;
  • Development of the project;
  • Preparation of the bases under the bases, including replacement and compaction of soils and device slag pillows, and the concrete base;
  • The device of ferro-concrete foundations with hydro isolation;
  • Metalwork fabrication and erection of the tower, with its subsequent insulation and sheathing shaped sheet;
  • Installation of water tower.

The total duration of the engineering and геологичесих survey, design, manufacture of the tower structure, insulation, cladding and the subsequent installation of 2 months.


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