We provide a full range of services in planning, management, supply, and control of project realization: business object construction. And hereafter our professionals maintain the qualitative characteristics of these objects. Our partners are confident that we are a fully  functioning and responsible company.

On the phase of engineering:

 We develop the idea of your future project: properties, qualities and technical characteristics;  we develop a plan how to implement your idea into a completed business object.

 We select and assess a land plot which meets the objectives of our project.

 We obtain all necessary input data, information, opinions, technical  specifications, permits and approvals.

 We plan, manage, organize, supply, and control execution of works at all stages. We guarantee the quality of provided services.

 We select the best executors and the best material suppliers on a tender basis.

 We control execution of documentation at all stages of project realization.

 We do our best: our object acquires all of the project  parameters and operates without interruption in specified project conditions..

 We put project into operation and make property rights over it.

Building process is an ocean, where forecasts are impossible.

We are your reliable pilot who always supports  you and who confidently leads your project safe and proven way to the desired result.

Private enterprise firm "MLAD"
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