The main guarantee to your project success is timely implementation and effectiveness.
We have developed an algorithm for your project success. The algorithm is ingeniously simple:

IDEA    ►    PLAN    ►    PROJECT    ►    BUILDING    ►    OBJECT

IDEA: In cooperation with our customer we develop the idea of ​​the object, its requirements in terms of utility to the customer’s business, therefore, we define the parameters, properties and characteristics of the future project. We identify possible limitations and essential conditions affecting the project as a whole;

PLAN: We carefully plan the project realization (development and agreement of plan implementation with our tenants), taking into account on the stage of  project’s ideas build-up defined parameters, characteristics and properties of the future project, as well as taking into account conditions and restrictions identified in the previous stage.

PROJECT: We carry out a complex project design and engineering preparation for works construction with and within the project plan framework developed in the previous stage;

CONSTRUCTION: We always guarantee detailed planning, organization, maintenance, monitoring and documentation of object construction with its further commissioning.

OBJECT: We guarantee that object achieves project parameters (achievement of project capacity) and maintain indicators in warranty and after warranty period.


We are ready to implement professionally, exactly on time and with a guarantee of quality each of the following works:


Inspection of building and construction

Geological soil exploration

Geodetic works



Futher object maintainance

Unloading of  frozen cargoes


In addition to information about the company our web site contains the following sections:

ABOUT COMPANY, where a summary of the company is, its history, mission and priorities;

DEVELOPMENTS, in which there are presented several of our designs, uniqueness and effectiveness of which has been proven, tested by time and with permanent use in practice;

FOR PARTNERS, the summary principles for building relationships with our partners as clue to successful implementation of the project;

OUR PROJECTS, which illustrates the possibilities and achievements of the company on example of our implemented projects.

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