Buildings and structures inspection

During reconstruction (expansion) of existing object it is necessary to know about their current technical condition, define any possible defects and determine whether bearing construction and enclosures can “endure” estimated loads. The results of this inspection  form a basis for reconstruction projection of such objects.

Our experts have considerable professional experience in this field of work. And our company is included into the list of companies approved by joint order of the State Committee for Construction of Ukraine and the State Committee for Occupational Safety and Health of Ukraine. These companies are recommended for objects inspection and certification.

During examination we control, analyze, test and assess all important parts of objects, namely:

 We examine operational qualities, condition and bearing capability of foundations, bearing constructions and enclosures.

 We determine whether any strengthening or replacement of constructions or their parts is necessary. We provide recommendations about the possible solutions of such strengthening or replacement.

 We predict behavior of bearing constructions and enclosures in the future.

 We make an audit of object’s capabilities to achieve all project parameters.

Our main task is to define defects in constructions and their causes; define the influence of such defects on operational qualities of constructions and object as a whole. We predict object’s technical state in the future and make recommendations how to maintain the required state of bearing constructions and enclosures as well as of the whole object.

Our specialists perfectly know all existing methods of examination and constantly practise them

  • Visual method
  • Toolmethods
  • Laboratory tests

As a result, our partners receive professional opinion with all appropriate calculations and recommendations of the further object exploitation and strengthening or replacement of its bearing constructions and enclosures.

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