Geodetic works

The old proverb says, «Measure thrice, cut once». This principle guides our life and work when we plan and construct business objects for our clients.

Our accuracy and precision in measurements and calculations guarantee significant cost and time savings, and  guarantee that a conceived idea will be implemented by the deadline.

Geodetic support is an essential part of any building process.

Within the framework of geodesic construction maintenance we carry out: land laying out, axis stake out and “fixing” location of the future object, pits development, installation of foundation, installation of bearing constructions and enclosures of the buildings, construction of linear trails and utilities, and communications, and other types of building works.

We guarantee high standards of implementation of the geodetic work because our team of professionals has experience of construction of unique objects in Ukraine, and our equipment is a high-precision measuring instrument.

We carry out a full complex of geodetic works:

    construction and development of survey networks;

   ► staking out and definition of  bounders of land;

   ► land inventory works;

   ► topographic surveys М1:500 – 1:5000 and their replenishment;

   ► utilities and communications survey with the completion of urban tablets;

   ► staking out and fixing of the geodetic framework for construction;

    geodetic maintenance and construction monitoring;

   ► topographic surveying;

   ► determination of linear trails location;

    engineering and geodetic surveys;


   ► excavation works;

    staking out works;

    executive surveys;

    calculation of amount of land mass;

   ► geodetic expertise.

We are assured in the quality of our works. We strengthen the belief of our customers in the rightness of their choice by relevant practical actions.

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