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Building is a difficult, multifaceted process. Its success lies in the well-organized game of professionals. At this stage significant material and human resources are being involved as well as the work of many various structures. It is general contracting, execution of construction and installation works, timely supplies of materials and equipment, supervision, etc. Only a company that has professionals with extensive experience in construction of the largest industrial and civil objects of the country can effectively deal with all of these tasks.  

To ensure that all works are done qualitatively and precisely on time it is necessary to be confident in the executors; know that the professionals can reach the best results at each stage of the process; be sure that they work in accordance with all of our principles and standards. We can guarantee our partners the claimed quality of works. Here it is like in an orchestra where the parties of all instruments should be played simultaneously and masterly. One single false note can spoil the whole impression from the composition. We are playing without any falsehood.

In order to achieve the maximum performance results we unite around our company building, installation, and survey organizations. Today we are able to execute with our own strengths the whole complex of works and services that ensure realization of any project despite the level of its difficulty. And what is the most important – to execute all works precisely in time, “without a hitch” .  

We achieve an effective interaction of these services in our company due to the unity of work execution standards in all of the enterprises of the company.

We work responsibly, because we know that from COORDINATED and TIMELY actions of all participants of the process depends the success of project realization as a whole.

And we succeed in it because our team works as a single body – professionally and consistently. It is the result of long experience, meticulous work, talent, and love for the work.

We offer the following building works:

General contractor.

 Production of metal constructions.

Prefabricated buildings and constructions.

Building and installation works:

  • preparation works;
  • general building works;
  • installation works;
  • special works in building.

Building of mines and underground structures.

Installation of engineering networks and equipment:

  • electro installation works;
  • sanitary works.

Installation of technological equipment and pipelines.

Strengthening of soils and foundations.

Non-explosive destruction.

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