Maintenance of construction

Maintenance of construction’s life

We are business builders. When we start our work, we think how to make your object reliable, practically feasible and modern. We wish your object become a basement of your business and bring in excellent returns.

For us it is important to construct a high-quality object, breathe life into it, provide all necessary equipment and assist in development, ensure warranty service and post- warranty service.

On the stage of maintenance of construction’s life we execute:

starting-up and adjustment works and gradual attainment of design capacity

warranty service and post- warranty service, which include:

  • Development of “Object’s operating instructions ”and passing to the Partner; execution and passing of “Object’s service book”;
  • Periodic inspection of the object’s current state with further official reports on the results and recommendations for its exploitation;
  • Periodic execution of technical maintenance , regulated in “Object’s operating instructions”. The works of technical maintenance of the object are carried out without payment in the first year of exploitation. Works of removal of possible defects, that were not found during the object commissioning are also free of  charge, which proved to be impossible to reveal during the commissioning of an object;
  • Execution of any other additional works.

disassembling of object with following-up transportation and installation in new location (possible for buildings and constructions that were built according the technology of pre-engineering buildings with use of main frames and enclosuring constructions of roofs and walls).

When we build your object we build your business. That’s why our objects become good partners for you for long years.

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