Unloading of frozen cargoes

The enterprises with mining and transshipping complexes carry out great amounts of discharging works which demand considerable energy resources, labour expenditures and often make negative impact on stream of technological process, especially during winter time.

To eliminate these drawbacks we have developed the vibroloosening installation for unloading of adfreezed loose cargoes. It was successfully tested in sea trading port "SOUTHERN" Odessa.  The reached productivity comprised 6000 cars per month in period of cold winters.

Vibration installation is intended for the mechanized unloading of adfreezed loose cargoes(coal, rubble, pellets, etc.), by preliminary vibration loosening the aggregated material in the car. Under vibration and the weight of vibration loosening tool, loosening pins intrude into adfreezed material and pierce it, breaking solidity. Lateral vibration of pins loosens material, destroying its durability and preventing pins from blocking.

More detailed information can be received from experts of our company.

Use of vibration installation let us:

  • Essentially decrease consumption of energy resources, there is no need to warm adfreezed cargoes;
  • Simultaneously handle any quantity of cars;
  • Save unloading time and reduce time of idleness;
  • Simplify unloading process and refuse using of manual labour in cars cleanings;
  • Reduce losses of transported cargo.

Our specialist together with experts of Institute of Geotechnical Mechanics of National Academy of Science of Ukraine carried out the development of construction, assembling and setting-up of vibration and loosening installation. The construction of device is patented.

 We offer to our partners a complete object with the certificate and we provide installation, starting-up and adjustment works and the subsequent service.

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