About the company

Business Builders is an expert company which is already working successfully for 10 years in the field of industrial construction. A solid foundation for our business is an integrated approach and detailed analysis of solutions of tasks of any degree of complexity.

Product (result of work) of the company is:

Timely implemented (constructed, reconstructed) project (object, technological line, site, site, Luggage, shop, complex) of the customer within the agreed, a smoothly operating (operating and bringing profit for the Customer) in the warranty and post-warranty period.

We guarantee:

A proposal minimal time and cost of your project implementation;
A proposal solution of problems in complex (all we do);
A proposal smooth functioning of object lifetime.

...and You surely build Your business.

And for the decision of the General objectives of the company, we are constantly developing and mastering new kinds of works and services necessary for comprehensive servicing of the Customer, we introduce innovative developments, select and place heavy demands on Partners and Suppliers and already today we carry a full complex of works and services necessary for project implementation.

And these are not just words. Our facilities and testimonials to prove it.

We are sure, that cooperation with our company will be a significant factor in the development of Your business.

Responsibility, experience and innovations form a course, which we follow confidently.

Our mission is to build business. Our priorities are to create and improve.
What makes us the best

 We are builders of modern business-projects of any complexity where everything is thoroughly planned. This advantage is ensured by qualified personnel and confirmed by certificates of professional recognition. Our activities are strictly regulated by the international standards of DSTU ISO:9001

 We are professionals with considerable experience. We rely on our knowledge while planning each project. We make elaborate preparations to any type of work and implement  qualitatively, strictly following a clearly formulated and comprehensive plan. We attach the highest importance to the quality of our work and we are completely responsible for it.

 We are innovators. We successfully combine the proven technologies and innovative solutions. Primacy in the use of a range of inventions and scientific discoveries rightfully belongs to us. This enhances the uniqueness of our company in the market of industrial construction. Our innovativeness is supported by a range of patents for construction works realization.  

 We are a responsible company. Our Partners are always sure that we are working for development of their business, their improvement, and achievement of optimal results in reasonable terms. 



In addition to information about the company our web site contains the following sections:

SERVICES, in which we are offering to you ability of successfully implementation of the project of any complexity and a complete list of services provided by our company;

DEVELOPMENTS, in which there are presented several of our designs, uniqueness and effectiveness of which has been proven, tested by time and with permanent use in practice;

FOR PARTNERS, the summary principles for building relationships with our partners as clue to successful implementation of the project;

OUR PROJECTS, which illustrates the possibilities and achievements of the company on example of our implemented projects.

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