For Partners

We know that the main term of successful project implementation is effective cooperation of all parties. Building is not an exception. It is a team game, in which we always provide coordinated actions between Customer (Investor), General Contractor and his subcontractors, and Suppliers.

We have developed certain principles and rules which help us to achieve the maximum result. And we follow these principles. It simplifies the building process, makes it clear and transparent, and significantly reduces terms and costs.

With our customers:

First of all, relationships with all partners are based on trust. Therefore, it is very important to make you confident in our professionalism. Only in this way the construction process can be finished with the results which can satisfy all parties: you as a customer, and us - as masters who are proud of their work.

Principles of relationships with our customers:

Maintain, improve and maximum use everything that already exists

Solve even the most difficult problem, affirming and improving our professional level

Offer only effective solutions

Solve any problem qualitatively and strictly in accordance with all customer

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